Coldwave Iced Coffee Kit

Everything you need to transform hot coffee into incredible iced coffee at home you’ll find in the Coldwave Iced Coffee Kit. The Coldwave uses Snapchill Technology™️ to rapidly bring down the temperature of the hot coffee you regularly brew, without diluting any of the flavor (like pouring hot coffee over ice typically does). Your kit also includes a 2-lb (32 oz) roast of your choice below—handpicked by our coffee specialists to taste great, chilled or hot.

P.S. We’re all coffee people here, but the Coldwave is also perfect for quickly chilling your favorite wine, beer or tea (just saying).

Trade Exclusive

There’s no denying it—iced coffee is no summer fling. That’s why we’ve curated this exclusive kit to ensure you can enjoy the best iced coffee at home all year.

How to Make the Best Iced Coffee with the Coldwave

Place the white Coldwave insert into your freezer.
Brew hot coffee—no special techniques here, just brew how you always do!
Pour up to 16 oz (2 cups) of brewed, hot coffee into the Coldwave, then add the insert from your freezer.
Chill for two minutes and serve over ice.

Your biggest questions, answered.

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How do you take your coffee? Maybe you like a full-bodied, roasty brew. Perhaps you prefer something light and fruity. Whole bean or ground? Coarse enough for cold brew or an espresso blend that yields a perfect crema? Light or dark roast? Blends or single origins?

Whatever your coffee preferences and however complex your taste, we can help you skip the coffee shop and brew a better at-home cup of coffee. Trade works with 52 of the nation’s top roasters — from true coffee veterans to rising stars shaking up the industry. And every one of these roaster partners is committed to excellence with our Roaster Pledge, promising the highest standards of ethical practices, sustainable relationships, and high-quality production.

What does that mean for you? Better beans. And every single batch — from blends to single origins — is roasted to order. That means they go from green beans to roasted and shipped within 24 hours, landing on your doorstep in a state of perfect, aromatic freshness. So if you’re looking for old coffee beans that sat on the grocery store shelf for weeks… well, that may be the only coffee problem we can’t solve for you!