Alma Variety Tasting Kit

The best way to help someone learn about the kind of coffee they like is to give them a lot of different coffees to try. These adorably-portioned samples span a variety of roast levels, processing methods, and flavor profiles in craft coffee, making it easy for them to try a lot of unique flavors and discover exactly what they love drinking most.

This gift box includes:

  • 6 x 2.5 oz bags of Passion, Honey, Ember, Natural, San Sebastian, and Enchanted
  • 1 full-sized bag of medium roast: Soulmate
  • A custom gift message
  • Free shipping

A Homemade Gift, Made Easy

Curated by us and delivered straight to their door. Treat them to coffee they’ll love making at home every day.


Personalized for Everyone

From subscriptions to exclusive gift boxes, we curate the best of the best from around the US to ensure every coffee drinker gets the chance to enjoy their perfect cup at home.


Practical, But Fun

Most people you know drink coffee, meaning we’re a rare kind of gift they can actually enjoy every day! From your mother-in-law to your favorite coworker… if they drink it, they’ll love Trade.


Supports Small Businesses

Every coffee that goes through Trade is made possible by 55+ of the best coffee roasters in the US. When you gift Trade, you’re supporting them, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose either option – based on your personal preference and when you plan to order it.

If you’re ordering far in advance (which, good for you) and plan to see your gift recipient over the holiday season, consider shipping it to yourself. You can put the finishing touches on the box—maybe a little doodle, a cute bow, etc.— before giving it to them directly.

If you’re ordering closer to showtime and/or are sending it to someone you won’t physically see around the holidays, ship it to them directly. Remember, your thoughtful, custom gift message will be included!

Absolutely! You have this option to include a personalized message at check-out. The gift message will be included in the package they receive.

No, gift boxes are prepared and shipped as soon as they’re ordered. Shipping, especially around the holidays, can take a few days, so we like to get gifts on the road early.

If you’re looking for a gift you can buy today and send closer to the holidays, check out our Gift Coffee Subscription.

Free! Nothing kills the gift-giving buzz faster than paying for shipping.