Parlor Coffee

Cold Brew On Tap

Sweet & Smooth


Cold brew is only as good as the beans you make it with and Parlor selected the best for this chocolaty and smooth blend. Each box contains 12 servings (96 oz)—so feel free to make a splash with it at your next pool party, or keep it all to yourself for café-quality cold brew on demand.

Shelf stable; please refrigerate after opening.

Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

Milk Chocolate

Ripe Fruit


Country Of Origin

Kenya, Ethiopia


About the Roaster

Founded in the back of a Brooklyn barbershop in 2012, this former pop-up sticks to its small-batch roots to ensure quality remains unchanged from those single small espresso machine days. Dillon Edwards’s roaster still operates much like the stylists Parlor began beside, bringing out the beauty in each coffee.


Brooklyn, NY

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