Bet it All on Our Mint Brewlep Recipe

Bet it All on Our Mint Brewlep Recipe

We're off the races with this refreshing cold brew cocktail.
by Team Trade | May 03, 2019

Today, we're serving up a cold brew cocktail fit for the Kentucky Derby. And when looking for Churchill Downs' signature drink, we went straight to the source with a cold brew twist, of course.

Louisville's own Quills Coffee certainly knows its coffee, but it's pretty handy with a cocktail, too. "This is the second year now for our partnership with Garden & Gun magazine, Maker's Mark, and the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau to join in celebrating Mint Julep Month leading up to the Derby festivities," Quills tells us. "Along with others along the Bourbon and Urban Bourbon Trails, as well as around the country, we are sharing our version of the Mint Julep."

Hunter S. Thompson wrote, "'The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved' and so is our drink," says Quills of their cocktail The Mint Brewlep. Starting with Southern Gothic, the cold brew coffee of choice in Quills cafés, this chocolaty and caramel base comes with a healthy does of sweet and complex Maker's Mark bourbon. "A refreshing iced coffee drink with cream and vanilla-mint syrup, we hope you love this beverage as much as we love serving it." And here's how it's done!



  1. Make cold brew to your recipe
  2. Prepare mint-infused vanilla syrup
  3. Stir or shake ingredients with ice to combine
  4. Pour ingredients into a glass
  5. Float half-and-half or dairy alternative over the top of your drink
  6. Garnish with a mint sprig

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