Dad-Approved Coffee Gifts

Dad-Approved Coffee Gifts

Something to fill his #1 Dad mug.
by Team Trade | May 30, 2024

More than corny (… we mean hilariously funny) jokes and windingly long anecdotes about childhood, we know this to be true: Dads love coffee. If you grew up watching your father scoop out a daily batch of grounds, have a husband or partner who makes the morning coffee for the whole family, or frequent a family-run coffee shop, you know what we mean.

Gift-giving for dads, in particular, can times..impossible. I know I commonly struggle with my Dad’s Father’s Day gift. Let's face it; it's hard to find the perfect gift to show your love and appreciation for someone who does so much. However, if your dad is a true coffee lover, some excellent coffee for his early mornings may just be the perfect gift idea. Below are Team Trade's top Father's Day gift picks. 


  Give them the #1 rated coffee subscription.

You choose how much coffee to give and if you want to send their gift now or on a specific date. Once they receive their gift email, we work our magic. We learn what they like, match them to different coffees from across the country and deliver them right to their door.
Help them find their chill with an all-in-one cold coffee kit. 

Curated, convenient and cool. These gear-and-coffee pairings provide everything they need for exceptional cold coffee brewing at home.
Crack them a cold one with ready-to-drink specialty coffee.

Heading to a Father’s Day cookout or a grad party? Don’t forget to pack the cooler with the country’s top specialty coffees.

Take them on a tour of coffee flavors and processing methods.

With seven specialty coffees, the Alma Variety Tasting Kit invites your loved one to discover the variety they love the most.

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