How to Make an Agua Fresca

How to Make an Agua Fresca

Light on waste and big on taste!
by Team Trade | August 22, 2019

This week's refreshing mocktail, the Agua Fresca, is big on conservation as "It's great to use with old or unused coffee, because it really revitalizes it," says Taylor Giroux, Signature Drink Curator at George Howell and the coffee mixologist behind this week's recipe.

"The idea of this drink was to use coffee that people normally waste in a fun new way," he tells us. "It is really up to you and the coffee you have on hand. In most cases, the fruit flavors take on some of the possible oxidization in the coffee, giving you the caffeine content, but providing you a delicious drink as well." Talk about a feel-good drink!



  1. Prepare coffee purée

Combine cold brew and fruit in a blender and strain (the strained solids are your purée)

  1. Mix 4 oz coffee purée, simple syrup, and lime juice with ice in a cold glass

  2. Top with sparkling water

  3. Garnish

You can use a dehydrated lime wheel, edible flowers — whatever you see fit

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About the Author: Taylor Giroux, also known on social media as  @coffee.papi, is a gem among gems and a wizard of coffee mixology. For Taylor, the act of coffee mixology is not only a job, but an art and expression. Taylor goes beyond the traditional bounds and rules of coffee as well as mixology, and isn’t afraid to take the risk to discover a new sense of satisfaction from his customers and colleagues. On a typical afternoon you will not find Taylor slinging his latté art on the bar, but instead in the kitchen filling  IsI siphons, sous-vide bags, and miscellaneous containers of strange and magical liquids. Taylor dives deep into not only the flavor of a coffee, but also the texture and the brewing technique to create the balance of taste components that reminds you of the best cocktail or meal you ever had.

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