Staff Picks: Bewitching Fall Favorites

Staff Picks: Bewitching Fall Favorites

These roasts have our team under their spell.
by Team Trade | October 20, 2022

We love discovering new coffees at home as much as you do! So, we’re letting you in on Team Trade’s current favorites with our series, Staff Picks.

Fall has entered the chat and we are THRIVING! We love this season with its crisp air, cozy blankets, and steaming mugs of coffee. With Halloween just around the corner, we're sharing some of the roasts that have Team Trade under their spell.

Madcap's Vista Hermosa

There’s nothing quite like a great Colombian coffee, and there might not be one as ideal for Fall as Madcap's Vista Hermosa! Upon first sip, the cup is full of smooth and comforting chocolate notes that feel like a warm and cozy blanket. Once it cools, that chocolate gives way to fresh cherries and a hint of hibiscus that remind me of the final days of summer. It’s the perfect coffee for saying farewell to the warmer months and to look ahead to crisp autumn mornings.

Sutton (he/him) - Coffee Guide

Peixoto's Doce

Peixoto’s Doce is a great way to introduce fall into your cup! With it’s smooth body and chocolate and caramel sweetness, it makes a great brew to share with friends, too. After brewing a cup from my automatic drip, I enjoy it curled up with an exciting read. As it cools down and I get lost in the pages of my book, the slight berry notes that develop keeps it as interesting as the mystery I’m delving into.

Ada (she/they) - Coffee Guide

ReAnimator's Kensington Blend

With the turn of the season, and our shortened yet vibrant days, it's so much harder to get out of bed where the monsters of the midday can't get you. I personally turn to the help of ReAnimator's Kensington Blend to ReAnimate me for the day (I’ll see myself out). Besides the roaster being named the same name as one of my seasonal favorite films, and the bag art by Cat Park representing the same spooky fun feel, the blend is warm and comforting. Bringing up nutty and toffee-like notes, it's like a cozy sweater and a good friend to warm your hands during a horror movie.

Marc (he/they) - Coffee Guide

Sparrow's Burundi Kayanza

This sweet and exciting coffee from Sparrows has bright and vibrant notes of cinnamon spice, stone fruit, and citrus, giving it nice PSL vibes for the Fall. Cheers!

Jonah (he/him) - Coffee Guide

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