Staff Picks: Apple Picking

Staff Picks: Apple Picking

These fall coffees only taste like they're from the orchard.
by Jonah Sanders | October 13, 2020

Now that we have officially entered fall and the leaves have begun to change colors, I find myself looking forward to all the relaxing and enjoyable Fall activities such as apple picking and baking. Here are some coffees that have sweet, crisp, and comforting notes of apple and baking spice. These coffees taste like falling into a pile of fallen leaves, while wearing a cozy sweater!

greater goods pick me up

This complex, yet approachable blend is a great way to get into the season and fruit-forward coffees. The notes of bright apple and stone fruit are balanced by sweet notes of chocolate and floral hints of honey!

Greater Goods Pick-Me-Up ($18.85)

madcap oktoberfest

This coffee is as sweet and refreshing as the German beer it is named after. A seasonal blend perfect for sipping as you watch the leaves change, this autumnal release has bright notes of orange citrus, dark chocolate, and brown sugar, tempered with pleasing hints of baking spice and caramel.

Madcap Oktoberfest ($22.40)

Stay Golden barrancas

An inviting and exciting Guatemalan single origin, this agreeable coffee has delightful tasting notes of apple and nutella with a bold, buttery body, perfect for any brewing method and season — but especially good when brewed hot on a crisp morning.

Stay Golden Barrancas ($22.40)

Joe the Overrnighter

A classic standby for a reason! The cinnamon and fudge notes of this chocolaty and smooth blend remind me of homemade cookies and pastries, providing a cozy and sweet-tasting cup perfect for cold brew or made hot in a French press.

Joe The Overnighter ($17.35)

novo hartmann honey

A superbly bright and sweet Panamanian single origin, this coffee’s fruit-forward profile of green apple and cherry are nicely complemented by its nutty sweetness. A perfect coffee to enjoy with a slice of pie or a ripe Honeycrisp after a relaxing walk through an apple orchard.

Novo Hartmann Honey ($21.20)

panther finca las alasitas

A wild and funky coffee from Bolivia. This unique single origin is packed with jammy fruit flavors of raspberry, combined with a nice hint of baking spice that makes you think of fruit candy and mulled spice wine.

Panther Finca Las Alasitas ($23.55)

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