There's a Perfect Coffee for Every Kind of Dad

There's a Perfect Coffee for Every Kind of Dad

These gifts are so much better than socks and ties!
by Team Trade | June 10, 2019

For Father's Day, get your dad a coffee that pairs well with his lifestyle.

For the Fun-Loving Dad

Are you finally growing to appreciate the sense of humor that mortified you throughout you childhood? The puns? The various “creative” dances at weddings? That brief but embarrassing colorful bow-tie phase? For the dad who could always keep it at least a little silly, here's a wonderful coffee that has flavor notes of rock candy and cola (a combination your dad once tried to pass for dinner).

aquina Colombia, El Roblar coffee

Maquina Colombia, El Roblar ($18)

For the Dependable Dad

If your dad has enjoyed a cup of coffee in the same chair, at the same table, with the same newspaper every day for the past twenty years, get him a coffee as reliable as his routine. This one has some of the attributes he has probably enjoyed in a coffee before (chocolaty and nutty notes, a creamy body, low acidity), but presented in the super-refined and delicious way he deserves.

Temple Brazil Fazenda Passeio coffee

Temple Brazil Fazenda Passeio ($17)

For the Outdoorsy Dad

If your dad goes camping so often it’s not really worth his time to unpack the tents, he'll appreciate a coffee with plenty rustic, earthy notes to remind him of the forest. This one also happens to be refined and sweet as heck, even if it doesn't appear that way at first!

Bird Rock Pakpak coffee

Bird Rock Pakpak ($21)

For the Trendsetting Dad

Is your dad the one keeping you up to date on new technology and culture? For the pop who is always three phones ahead of you whom you’ve finally realized it’s okay to ask for cool restaurant recommendations, get him coffee from an origin he probably hasn’t tried before with Equator’s tasty Mzuzu from Malawi.

Equator Malawi Mzuzu Fair Trade coffee

Equator Malawi Mzuzu Fair Trade ($17)

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