The Fresh List: Tropical Fruit Summer Vibes

The Fresh List: Tropical Fruit Summer Vibes

Sun's out, mugs out.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | July 01, 2019

Whether eating pineapple chunks out of a plastic container, slicing up a watermelon at a barbecue, or doing any number of fun things involving a mix of juice and rum, tropical fruit flavors remind us of summer. And while coffee is a tropical fruit itself, those flavor notes aren’t super-common in your morning cup. Luckily, we’ve received a number of outstanding coffees this past month with the kind of flavors you might find expect to find in your fruit salad or tiki mug. These coffees are obviously amazing brewed hot, but our flash-chilled Chemex recipe will make them sing as well. Get your best tropical tunes playing and kick back with these refreshing flavors.

Check out this month’s  Fresh List for some of our favorites!

Sightglass Colombia Finca Pedrero single origin coffee

This complex and subtle Colombian has sweet, dense notes of date and floral chamomile tea, and — especially as it cools — a gentle coconut sweetness. Have we ever sipped coffee straight from a coconut? No, but we heartily support it if you want to try it.

Sightglass Colombia Finca Pedrero, Julio César Mora Bravo ($20.25)

Some Kenyan coffees balance their acidity with savory notes; this one goes all in on the fruit, with flavors of papaya mixed in with blood orange juice. Some baking spice notes really round out the tiki drink vibe.

Kuma Karatu ($21)

In this sweet Guatemalan, pomegranate notes combine with more familiar flavors like almond and maple syrup. The result is a tropical-tasting coffee for those just wanting to dip their toes into the pool.

Temple Guatemala La Colmenita ($17.50)

The Las Lajas mill in Costa Rica is masterful at honey processing and Onyx brings all kinds of awesome flavors out of this coffee, from familiar chocolate sweetness to funky papaya and mango notes.

Onyx Costa Rica Las Lajas Honey ($20.75)

A seasonal blend we look forward to every year, Madcap's Summer Solstice combines a washed and natural Ethiopian for a coffee that tastes like tropical fruit punch.

Madcap Summer Solstice ($19)

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