Staff Picks: Decaf for Coffee Lovers

Staff Picks: Decaf for Coffee Lovers

There's no sacrificing taste for caffeine.
by Rachel K. | May 19, 2020

Whether you’re finding yourself drinking more coffee throughout the day, are generally trying to cut back, or just prefer decaf coffee beans, this week’s Staff Picks prove there’s no need to sacrifice taste for caffeine.

“Lots of folks are thinking of ways to address increased anxiety. While some turn to yoga or meditation, I did what was easiest for me: switched to decaf! It turns out that the fresh crop of decafs our roasters are producing are light-years better than decafs of the past. I’m now a proud member of Decaf Nation, and here are a few of my favorites to please all palates.”

Equator Decaf Ethiopia Natural

Really excited to try out a naturally processed decaf coffee and was so pleased with the results! Super-smooth and chocolaty, with a great aroma of dried apricots and an apple-y finish. More fruit-forward than your average decaf, and a great stand-in for the full-caf Ethiopians I usually drink.

Equator Decaf Ethiopia Kochere Natural ($22.65)

Huck skeleton key decaf

Smelled amazing - tons of nutty aroma from the grounds. Even better in the cup, with toasted almonds up front and a juicy, berry-like finish. Equally delicious with or without milk and/or sugar, this is a total crowd pleaser.

Huckleberry Skeleton Key Decaf ($20)

Methodcial Coffee

Simply said: sweet with a hint of zippy lemon acidity and a toasty brown butter aroma.

Methodical Colombia Cauca - Decaf ($18.85)

Irving Farm Decaf Blackstrap

This cup honed right in on my favorite section of the SCAA flavor wheel: honey, brown sugar, and maple syrup. Notes of toasted nuts and graham cracker provide balance and keep it from being too sweet.

Irving Farm Decaf Blackstrap ($17.95)

DOMA Bella Luna Organic Decaf

The decaf that made me love decaf! Rich, roasty, and very chocolaty. Best enjoyed after dinner, while cuddling on the couch. A hearty splash of cream made this decadent enough for me to consider skipping dessert. I didn’t, of courss — because who skips dessert?

DOMA Bella Luna Decaf ($20)

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