Staff Picks: Tastes Like Summer

Staff Picks: Tastes Like Summer

These refreshing coffees taste just as good brewed hot or cold.
by Frank Lin | July 01, 2020

We love discovering new coffees at home as much as you do! So, we’re letting you in on Team Trade’s current favorites with our weekly series, Staff Picks.

If your coffee selection hasn’t caught up with your wardrobe, it’s time to switch things up for summer. This week’s Staff Picks features four seasonal favorites, whether you brew them hot or cold.

"When asked for my Staff Picks, I immediately thought of coffees that would be great for summer sipping and fun to enjoy hot or brewed cold. I chose a mix of faithful companion coffees with traditional notes of chocolate and nuts, plus some with unconventional fruit notes that are great for adventurers looking to try something a bit different."


"This coffee was actually the first coffee that opened my eyes to how wonderfully diverse and complex coffees can be. The smooth, chocolaty familiarity coupled with a brighter note of orange marmalade makes this coffee a wonder to enjoy and an invite for the novice into the world of coffee."

DOMA Guatemala ($17.55)


"Sweet and chocolaty with a bit of spice, this coffee is great hot as it is cold. With summer in full swing, sling this coffee in your cold brewer and enjoy a refreshingly smooth cup. It's easy to drink, so watch out for your caffeine consumption!"

Sightglass Colombia, El Meridiano, Tolima ($19.50)


"If you're looking for a traditional coffee, this isn't it! Wildly balanced with candy-like fruit sweetness, this naturally processed Ethiopian coffee almost tastes like peach ring gummies and is a top contender for cold brew."

Equator Ethiopia Sidama Ardi ($18.50)


"This Peruvian coffee will have you looking forward to the mornings when you can drink it again - berry and tropical fruit-forward, check this coffee out if you'd like to see what a coffee with notes of raspberry and kiwi tastes like."

Madcap Corazón ($19.50)


"As much as I love coffee, there comes a time in the day when I can't drink anymore if I'm planning on sleeping well that night. To feed my unhealthy love of coffee in the afternoons, this Joe coffee has been my go-to decaf. Smooth, chocolaty, and nutty, this traditional decaf coffee is perfect for sweet dreams."

Joe Nightcap House Decaf ($16)

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