Staff Picks: All in the Family

Staff Picks: All in the Family

There's something for everyone here.
by Itzel Dominguez | July 15, 2020

We love discovering new coffees at home as much as you do! So, we’re letting you in on Team Trade’s current favorites with our weekly series, Staff Picks.

You don’t have to be close by to share a cup of coffee. For this week’s Staff Picks, Trade Coffee Guide Itzel lets us in on coffees she hopes her family will enjoy this summer.

“This summer is definitely like no other. While I might not be with my family, I’m looking for coffees to share with them while we’re apart. Like most families, finding coffees to please everyone can be complicated. As a former barista, I’m up for the challenge! For my recommendations, I selected five coffees for my family’s diverse tastes.”

doma carmela's

"My dad is a very no-nonsense espresso drinker, so he would appreciate versatile and right-to-the-point Carmela's, with its traditional flavor notes. It makes a great cup of coffee and an excellent shot of espresso, too."

DOMA Carmela’s ($14.75)

dune presidio decaf

"My Mom is open to any decaf, especially when it fools her by being so darn good. Decaf gets a bad rap, but don’t fall for it. Decaf coffees, like Dune's, have come a long way and help so much when you’re craving a cup at 8:00 pm."

Dune Presidio Decaf ($16)

Revelator Petunias

"My cousins love it when I bring them something a little unexpected. Petunias has a really smooth fudge flavor and a nice cherry acidity that pops in cold brew."

Revelator Petunias ($14.75)

Huckleberry Limb Blend

"My brother and I only drink hot coffee and like to play around with pour overs, so Phantom Limb is a perfect pick. I was pleasantly surprised by how fruity this coffee is and would love to share a cup with him while explaining why coffee can taste this way."

Huckleberry Phantom Limb Blend ($17)

Greater Goods Spark

"We’d all be excited to drink Spark (Mexico), no matter how it’s brewed. A majority of us are Mexican (sorry Dad, you’re not included here, but you've got tapas and some great wine instead!) and there’s a sense of pride that swells up when we see a coffee and figure out if the region is close to our hometown. It usually isn’t, but that still doesn’t stop the smile from growing on our faces as we take a sip."

Greater Goods Spark (Mexico) ($17)

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