Coffee Gifts for Getting Started

Coffee Gifts for Getting Started

The best place to begin.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | October 28, 2020

Getting started has never been easier than with our gift guide. These presents will ease your friends and family into the art of making coffee.

01 bodum

A French press is one of the easiest ways you can make delicious coffee, especially if a full-bodied cup is one of your priorities. Bodum has a huge variety of French press styles to choose from; the Caffettiera is perfect for making two cups at a time and comes in a variety of pleasant colors.

Bodum Caffettiera French Press ($19.99)

There are fancier-looking and more minutely adjustable coffee brewers, but Bonavita’s line excels in the most important features of all. It gets the water hot enough and dispenses it evenly enough to make tasty coffee every time.

Bonavita Metropolitan Coffee Maker ($99.99)

03 Burr Grinder

If you don’t have one yet, a burr grinder to freshly grind coffee before brewing is the number one way to improve the quality of your coffee at home. This one features a very wide grind spectrum, stainless steel burrs, and a timer feature.

OXO Burr Grinder ($99.99)

04 Buono

A gooseneck kettle is definitely a barrier to entry as far as manual home coffee brewing, so give the gift of efficient heating and a steady precise pour and get your friends and family started on making tasty coffee today.

Buono Power Kettle ($72)

05 Coldwave

You can make cold brew and you can brew double-strength over ice, but now you can also make your regular recipes and chill them quickly with neither dilution nor the oxidation that happens if you just put a hot coffee in the fridge for hours. This chiller works in a few minutes to turn your hot coffee cold.

Coldwave Beverage Chiller ($39.95)

A great gift for anyone who enjoys coffee that just tastes like coffee, but wants to step up their game, this set features coffees with traditional flavors like chocolate, caramel, and roasted nuts, roasted by some of the best roasters around.

Warm Welcome Bundle ($48 to $112)

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