Staff Picks: Cold Brew Edition

Staff Picks: Cold Brew Edition

Because summer will be here before you know it.
by Jonah Sanders | May 12, 2020

When the cold brew cravings hit, best be prepared with a fresh batch in your fridge! Thankfully, making cold brew at home has never been easier than with our cold brew coffee beans and Cold Brew Bags and this week’s Staff Picks to guide you.

"With summer right around the corner, I am starting to make the switch over from hot pour overs (my usual go-to) to the smooth, refreshing experience of cold brew. When narrowing down my favorite options to be brewed low and slow, I tried to pick coffees that make classic and surprisingly delicious cups of cold brew. Here are some great coffees to enjoy on a hot day!"

Doma Carmela's coffee bag

"This delightful blend is truly the universal donor of coffees, it really works with any brew method. It makes approachable and balanced sweet-tasting cold brew as the vanilla and caramel flavors really shine through, giving it that familiar coffee taste that works with or without milk."

DOMA Carmela's ($15.25)

Oren's Costa Rica coffee bag

"A familiar yet complex-tasting single origin coffee that emphasizes its full-bodied and rich chocolaty notes, as well as sweet hints of plum and honey that really add some extra layers to this coffee. It’s both approachable and exciting at the same time."

Oren’s Costa Rica La Minita ($18.85)

Dogwood zamboni cold brew coffee bag

"An elevated take on a cold brew blend, this coffee has it all. The rich and bold Brazilian beans give the coffee its full-bodied chocolate and toffee base, while the Ethiopian beans add some expressive bright fruit notes to the party, giving it some extra wild flair."

Dogwood Zamboni® Cold Brew ($18.85)

Onyx Cold Brew coffee bag

"This coffee has been my hands-down favorite coffee to make as a cold brew. This Colombian single origin was sourced with cold extraction in mind and it shows. It balances out its ripe fruit notes with sweet and smooth flavors of milk chocolate and brown sugar, making it a real crowd-pleaser!"

Onyx Cold Brew ($18.85)

equator decaf coffee bag

"Who says you need to have caffeine to have fun? If you want a fun and fruity coffee that is exciting and vibrant for a warm afternoon, look no further! This naturally processed Ethiopian coffee is a real fruit bomb, bursting with notes of apricot and bright lemon citrus, rounded out with sweet milk chocolate."

Equator Decaf Ethiopia Kochere Natural ($22.10)

Kickapoo Burundi Nemba Natural coffee bag

"This coffee is like fruit candy in a cup! It is packed with bright and sweet notes of blackberry, lime, and tropical fruit. Sipping this exciting and refreshing coffee over ice will make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise somewhere far away from any worries or cares!"

Kickapoo Burundi Nemba Natural ($20.60)

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