Staff Picks: Coffees for Earth Day

Staff Picks: Coffees for Earth Day

The sustainable coffees sustaining us through quarantine.
by John Crisan | April 21, 2020

We love discovering new coffees at home as much as you do! So, we’re letting you in on Team Trade’s current favorites with our weekly series, Staff Picks.

In honor of Earth Day, this week's Staff Picks is shedding a light on sustainable coffees. While we use that word to mean considerate coffees that meet a certain standard — like Organic or Fair Trade — they're also coffees sustaining us through this time, by giving us new brew methods to keep us on our toes as we make coffee from home!

"I picked these coffees in an attempt to highlight the different brew methods I have been using to keep myself sane during quarantine. I’ve been lucky enough to be stuck inside with a good grinder and four different brew methods. Not lucky enough to have an espresso machine, but someday! With Earth Day around the corner I also wanted to highlight coffees that show the different approaches around the world coffee growers are taking to pair coffee excellence with sustainable growth practices."


I have been saving this sparkly Ethiopian coffee for my afternoon pick-me-up. Its fantastic combination of floral aromas and fruity finish are a perfect cure for the midday doldrums.

Brew Method: Pour Over It might just be me, but I find the Hario V60 does a fantastic job in highlighting the brighter characteristics of this coffee. It always leads to a crisp refreshing acidity that begs me to brew another one as soon as it’s done.

Sustainability Notes: This one's Organic Certified from a Cooperative of farmers in the Odo Shakiso District, in Ethiopia’s infamous Guji region.

Sparrows Ethiopia Dimtu Tero ($22.10)

irving farm

This house blend is one that never disappoints, meticulously maintained by Irving Farm all year long to be both bright and warm. It balances crisp apples with a caramel body that is always welcome.

Brew Method: Anything! It will shine in a pour over, sweeten your cup on a drip machine or taste fantastic over ice with a dash of milk. I haven’t found a way to brew this coffee badly.

Sustainability Notes: This blend is always comprised of Organic Certified coffees from all over the world.

Irving Farm Highline Blend ($16)

greater goods

This is the no-nonsense coffee I’ve been keeping on reserve for my slower mornings, it’s chocolaty, nutty, and incredibly sweet with just a hint of blueberries to keep you on your toes (even if your toes are cold and want to be back in bed).

Brew Method: Cold Brew A short prep time the night before sets me up for two to three mornings of ready-to-drink, delicious, chocolaty cold brew, requiring nothing more of me than a short shuffle to the fridge.

Sustainability Notes: This is a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee from the volcanic soils of Guatemala’s Acatenango Aldea La Pampa region. RFA certifications require strict adherence to both ecological diversity on farms as well as maintaining safe and fair labor practices.

Greater Goods Life Saver ($18.85)


La Familia Guarnizo is my people-pleaser coffee. Those rare mornings when you are the first one up in your house and feeling generous enough to brew coffee for everyone. That’s when I reach for this easygoing single origin from Joe. It’s got enough complexity to keep the coffee nerds happy along with a clean classic chocolaty finish for those in the family who are more set in their ways (I won’t name names).

Brew Method: Chemex Nothing is better than waking up to a Chemex sitting on the counter that somebody already made. It’s thick paper filter leaves a crystal clean cup of coffee that is good at any temperature

Sustainability Notes: Joe Coffee has been buying directly from this farm for years, creating a healthy and close relationship where both the farmer and roaster know they can depend on quality year after year. The Guarnizo Family runs a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm.

Joe Coffee La Familia Guarnizo ($21.20)

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