Trending Now: Juicy Fruit Coffee

Trending Now: Juicy Fruit Coffee

Coffee is a seed, after all.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | January 26, 2021

What is a coffee fruit? Coffee fruit (commonly known as a coffee cherry or coffee berry) is a stone fruit created by the coffee plant. The coffee bean is the seed of this stone fruit. So it’s not at all surprising that, in addition to familiar flavors like chocolate and roasted nuts, many types of coffee inherently have flavor notes that remind us of the kind of sweetness and tartness you might find in other fruits.

Whether it’s a pleasant citrusy acidity, jammy berry flavor, tropical pineapple sweetness, or a combination of all three, these delicious fruity coffee flavors will delight your taste buds, while reminding you exactly where coffee comes from.

Types of Fruit Coffee

Atomic Coffee bali kintamani natural

Natural process coffees are known for berry flavors — getting one from Indonesia is a special treat. There’s a hint of cocoa there, but the loudest fruity notes are ripe strawberry and tropical fruit.

Atomic Bali Kintamani Natural ($18)

Stay Golden Kovachii

A fruity flavor doesn’t necessarily mean your coffee will be acidic. This flavored coffee tastes more like the filling in a berry truffle than a fresh bowl of fruit, and that balance of berry and chocolate flavor is very smooth.

Stay Golden Kovachii ($14.75)

panther coffee Agroambiental new

We loved last year’s crop of this coffee and this year it is even more wonderful. Its silky body carries both fresh and candied fruity notes, for a truly elegant coffee.

Panther Agroambiental ($21)

Red Bay Slow Burn

We don’t often think of dark roasts as fruity coffee, but the dried fruit flavor in this one (think: raisin or fig), fits beautifully with its smoky aftertaste. This option makes drinking black coffee all the more exiciting.

Red Bay Slow Burn ($19)

Maquina Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

Fruity flavor notes in a coffee often reveal themselves to us in the aroma before we even get a chance to sip. That’s especially true in this Ethiopian coffee, which smells of lemon zest and fresh-cut mango, along with plenty of flowers.

Maquina Ethiopia Worka Sakaro ($21)

Verve Coffee Kenya Kabare Peaberry

We often use the word “juicy” to describe coffees that taste intensely of fresh fruit, and this Kenya is quite juicy indeed. It features complex acidy, with notes of both lime and green apple, plus a blackcurrant flavor that’s typical of the best Kenyan coffees.

Verve Kenya Kabare Peaberry ($21.75)

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