Add These Coffee Stops to Your Next NYC Trip

Add These Coffee Stops to Your Next NYC Trip

Some call it one of America's greatest coffee cities, we call it home.
by Team Trade | February 28, 2019

Some call it one of America’s greatest coffee cities, we call it home.

The city that never sleeps needs something to power its late nights and early mornings, and for many New Yorkers that fuel is coffee. With a walking culture that encourages a vibrant café landscape and a deep history dating back to the 1600s when the Dutch brought their crop to New Amsterdam, this metropolis has all the makings of a great coffee city. Call us biased, but we’re pretty partial to our hometown, and when it comes to drinking, learning about, or just plain talking coffee, these are the spots we’re doing it.

Pulley Collective

175 Van Dyke Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231

Home to local favorites, the Pulley Collective is a shared space built to educate and cultivate growing roasters. Their waterside Brooklyn facility provides small-batch roasters, coffee shops, and newbies the time and resources needed to create quality coffee. For those with more recreational interests, Pulley’s Intro to Coffee Roasting class comes with a full tour and gives participants the chance to roast their own batch to bring home.

Parlor Coffee

11 Vanderbilt Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11205

The Parlor Coffee team is always available for great conversation to accompany each cup, but to fully immerse yourself in all things coffee, stop by their First Friday series. Fostering a community of coffee lovers looking to dig a little deeper, past sessions have included a cupping of Maria Bercelia’s winning submission for the 2019 Acevedo Cup and a celebration of this year’s Burundi Gaharo.

Joe Coffee Pro Shop

131 West 21 Street
New York, New York 10011

As the name suggests, this shop takes coffee seriously. Whether you stop by Joe Coffee's location for a taste of its constantly rotating selection of unique beans, sign up for a class, or just want to peep its slick Kees van der Westen lever espresso machine, this spot will have you feeling like a pro.

Stumptown at the Ace Hotel

18 West 29 Street
New York, New York 10001

Any disillusionment you may have about hotel coffee is out the window with this trendy coffee destination. Opened in 2009, Stumptown at the Ace is a must-visit for guests, out of towners, and locals alike who want to admire the lobby’s turn-of-the-century architecture and art installments with a side of drip coffee or cold brew.

Kaigo Coffee Room

120C Lafayette Street
New York, New York 10013

Stop by Trade and you’re likely to find a cup (or two) of [Kaigo]( Founded by two friends with a shared passion for coffee, this hidden gem is located steps away from our Soho office and is the go-to brew for team members on their way into work or when a midday craving for a specialty drink (think: black sesame lattés) hits.

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