A Special Thanks From Our Roasters

A Special Thanks From Our Roasters

Their cups runneth over.
by Team Trade | December 29, 2020

For those of us who have made it through 2020 cup by cup, hardworking roasters across the country have played an especially essential role. Over the past few weeks, you've been sharing your gratitude for our roasters' devotion to their craft in 2020. And our roasters wanted to return the favor in appreciation for all of your support this year!

See the messages from local roasters in communities across the US, here.

Roaster thank you notes

The support we've received from Trade's customers has been one of this year's only constants and has fueled much of the growth we've seen in 2020. This partnership has allowed us to be discovered by home baristas across the country and those discoveries have turned into loyal customers. We can confidently say the future looks bright, cheers!

— Airship Coffee

All of us here at Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company would like to say a special thank you for your continued support! It puts a smile on our face seeing each of the Trade orders going out to cities and states all over the country. Have a happy holiday!

— Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company

It's been a rollercoaster of a year. But your ongoing support has made an incredible difference for our company, and our team. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and wish you a very happy holiday! #BeAtomic

— Atomic Coffee Roasters

We are so thankful for our customers around the country who have enjoyed our coffee this year. We are already busy sourcing coffee for the coming year and doing it with you in mind. We are “Empowered by Great Coffee” and hope you are as well!

— Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

When things really looked dim in March and we had to close down all of our coffee bars, the coffee consuming public showed up in a huge way and showed us they still wanted to drink the good stuff. Thanks to Trade, we had an easy route to get it to them. We love sharing our beans with coffee lovers coast to coast! We raise a glass (errr mug) to all the Trade subscribers out there for keeping our lights on and roaster hot in 2020!

— Blueprint Coffee

We have 69 words to explain how we’re nothing but an independent and locally owned (in Seattle since ’95) coffee conduit: Our goal is to provide unrivalled roasting and brewing and bring the incredible harvests of indie and local coffee growers (in the Americas, Indonesia, & East Africa), to the lovely and local coffee drinkers who drink this coffee (you, wherever you are, right now), thanks to our coworkers & friends (everywhere). Wait, this is more than 69 words (and lots of parentheses)… but we still want to say thank you for drinking Caffe Vita and Happy Holidays!

— Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Co

Thank you for supporting Equator Coffees' mission to create consciously crafted coffee. There are a lot of coffee options to wake up to and we love being the coffee you enjoy, thanks to our friends at Trade. Happy Holidays from all of us at Equator Coffees.

— Equator Coffees

Investing in people and enjoying a great cup of coffee don’t have to be mutually exclusive. At Huck, we try to bring those worlds as close together as possible. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this hectic year! Your participation has changed the lives of our teams, baristas, communities, producers, farmers, and everyone in between.

— Huckleberry Roasters

Happy Holidays from Irving Farm New York! Thank you all for supporting our business through this wild time. Wishing you all a safe and well caffeinated start to the New Year.

— Irving Farm New York

Thank you for making us part of your coffee routine this year! We're incredibly grateful for your support, which has been a lifeline for our business during this difficult year, especially during the darkest days of the pandemic. Packing parcels destined for your homes all over the country, and seeing your home brewing photos on Instagram filled us with so much gratitude and hope. From all of us at Joe Coffee, happy holidays!

— Joe Coffee

Amidst the many uncertainties of this surreal year, all of us at Necessary Coffee and Passenger have felt truly grateful for each and every Trade order we’ve had the privilege of fulfilling. Your orders have been hugely important in helping us to support our production team and continue to honor our sourcing commitments to the coffee farmers we work with. Wherever this finds you, thank you for the continued opportunity to do what we love and share these producers’ beautiful coffees with you!

— Necessary Coffee and Passenger

We at PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. are incredibly thankful for Trade Coffee and all of our customers through this platform. You have supported us during the most challenging of times. We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts and we wish you a happy, healthy and caffeinated new year. “Without the love, it’s just coffee"

— PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Hi Trade Customers! I hope you're somewhere toasty by a warm fire with your family or, in the very least, watching a fake fire on TV while Zooming with your friends. This has been an insane year for us all, but here at Red Rooster Coffee, we've been able to get through it with the support of Trade and people like you. We do so appreciate your help! And we look forward to roasting you more delicious coffee in 2021!

— Red Rooster Coffee

Seasons Greetings from San Francisco! Thank you for making us a part of your holiday Ritual!

— Ritual Coffee

All of us at Sightglass Coffee would like to thank you for seeing us through a very memorable year. Throughout 2020, we’ve looked out for one another, kept spirits high, the mood light, and the coffee flowing. Thanks for being a part of that journey.

— Sightglass Coffee

Thank you for supporting our business and for drinking so much of our coffee. Our cups are overflowing with thankfulness! You are our bright spot in 2020!

— Stay Golden Coffee Co.

Thank you for your incredible support this year of all years!!

— Sterling Coffee Roasters

Thank you to everyone in our incredibly supportive coffee community! Especially during the year of our company's 15 year anniversary, we're immensely grateful to continue our passion of roasting and serving specialty coffee to you.

— Temple Coffee Roasters

We are so pleased that your coffee journey has led you to Verve. We are a small and independently run business, and we've worked hard from day one to source and roast the most amazing coffees. We are always excited to share these coffees, and we hope you love our coffees as much as we enjoy the opportunity to bring them to you.

Thank you for your continued support - because of you and other loyal customers, we are able to provide a meaningful place of work to our incredible team, and positively impact our community along the way.

— Verve Coffee Roasters

Thanks for bringing Wonderstate into your homes! Sending packages out to coffee fans around the country has warmed our hearts and helped us feel more connected during this strangest of years. Thank you!

— Wonderstate Coffee

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